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sorry for being so pervert
baby woon got the body jyeahh!

Actually i found this game on tumblr, just because i don't have anyone to play with me so, i post it here

Rules :
Rule 1 : Post the rules
Rule 2 : Answer the questions that the tagger set and make a new set of 11 questions
Rule 3 : Tag 5 people and link them to your post
Rule 4 : Let them know you tagged them

1. Name your 5 top biases 
 i. Son Dong Woon (B2ST)
ii. Yook Sung Jae (BTOB)
iii. Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri) (Big Bang)
iv. Hoya (Infinite)
v. Ricky (Teen Top)

2. Favorite KPOP songs right now
* It would be E.R by Dalmatian and Only Tears by Infinite. Ahh, In The Cloud by my husband, DongWoon

3. Who is your OTP
*according to the tagger, OTP is favorite couple. If me, it would be DooWoon (Doojoon+Dongwoon)

4. Favorite rookie group(s)
* BTOB, they are so talented and they're from Cube family jyeahh. Then B.A.P, EXO-K maybe. Nu'est of course. Female it would be Hello Venus

5. What would you do if you meet with any of your biases?
* First, my eyes will be bigger than ever, then my mouth start saying their name, and i will smile until you can see all of my teeth. Then i will asked for autograph and capture a picture with me and i will say to them that i will support them until the end of my life anddddd i will show it off to my friends (muahahaha)

6.  KPOP idol you would marry
* I would marry with Son Dongwoon then i will be Mrs. Son. Hahaha

7. KPOP idol you would like to star in a drama with? Any genre of drama btw
* I would like to star a drama with Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo, in a drama that the story would be like Heartstrings and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (but not to star a drama that the hero is younger than the heroin) because i am only 15 yrs old

8. KPOP idol you want to be your oppa/hyung/unnie/noona? In other word, sibling
* I would like GD as my oppa, because GD kinda caring person. Dara as my unnie because i get jealous with Cheondung. he has a very kind and caring noona

9. KPOP idol you want to be your best friend
* I don't know but I want all of Teen Top member to be my best friend. Their age rate is kind of teenagers. so i think they will okay especially Ricky and Changjo

10. Favorite group(s)
* i would like to rank them
i. B2ST
ii. BTOB
iii. Big Bang
iv. Dalmatian
v. Infinite
many more

11. How are you today?
*Fine thanks, but kinda lazy to do revision

So these are my questions:

1. your ultimate bias?
2. favorite group?
3. how long you get in kpop?
4. first kpop song that you heard?
5. any kpop group you don't like? not anti but in other words, less love at anyone?
6. BTOB vs NU'EST, B.A.P vs EXO
7. an idol that had caught your eyes lately?
8. favourite mv ever?
9. do you know rookie TAKEN? your opinion about TAKEN?
10. do you collect any KPOP merchandise? for example ...?
11. anyone of your friends get into kpop because of you?

i tagged everyone that read this post, but this my tag in here.


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