A Broken Heart


 Love Is Ouch - 2NE1 
Even this news i don't it's true or not, or maybe true but he doesn't involve but i feel that this is the time to let him go. three years closing heart and open it just for him, but ...
nothing i get.
It feels so hard 
But i must let him go. 
Let him do what he likes. 
But, i never think that you are my friend because we never talk to each other even three years know each other, studying in the same class. I'll forget him
Don't worry dear, go to her.
Maybe this is a blessing from Allah, it's just his way of letting me realize that he save me from a  wrong one, thank you Allah.
But, it's hard because i see him everyday, every single minute, hour, day in the class
Tonight i feel like i blew away, nothing inside my head but just thinking about how i must get through my day without any feeling to you and some heart broke, seeing you smiling happily;do not know anything

Each drop of a tear is costly
than anything in world
But ...
No one knows its value
until they have it in their own eyes
for someone.

Now, i believe in my destiny. Allah create human in pair which complete each other
One day, i'll find mine. Insyaallah
Life must go on.
Even he never know that i really love him but please, be nice to the lucky girl

I end it here
I hope he will happy


Segmen : Jom Kenali Kpop Bloggers

click untuk lihat penganjur segmen ni :)
1. Group Kpop pertama yang korang minat

Actually saya sangat rindukan this innocent look of Big Bang, but their look now tak la teruk sgt. Cool gila.Lagu first yang buat saya sangkut dengan 5 guys nihh, keojimal <Lies> Minat TOP gila. Tapi simpankan sebab my long time bestfriend suka TOP gila-gila. kira ultimate bias dia lahh

2. Lagu KPOP kegemaran korang. State 2 reasons kenapa korang suka lagu itu

BTOB - Abeoji (Father)
*sebab : Teringatkan ayah yang kerja keras nak sarakan kami sekeluarga. nak bagi kami makan, sekolah, pakaian. Sungguh besar pengorbanan beliau.
2NE1 - I Love You
*sebab : Tktau la kenapa, tapi sangat best. *angkat bahu
Big Bang - Monster
*sebab : TOP handsome gila dlm mv tu ahhh *nose bleed <-- effect teruk

3. Siapakah ultimate bias korang. Seorang sahaja. Tak boleh lebih
B2ST Son Dong Woon aka Son Nam Shin
4. Group KPOP yang menjadi top3 pilihan korang sekarang

3 tak cukup la, byk sgt yang jadi pilihan =='

1. B2ST
3. Big Bang

5. K-Drama dan Variety Show kegemaran korang

K-Drama : Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, all-time Full House, The Moon Embraces The Sun, dan yg terbaru Big
Variety Show : Running Man

6. Blog fanfiction manakah yang menjadi kegemaran korang? State 2 reasons

Lupakan, saya tak pernah baca fanfiction. Penin mengadap laptop lama-lama. Akan try. Insyaallah

7. Adakah bias korang antara yang paling smart dan sexy? tunjukkan gambar tersebut *banyak pun takpe

Part letak gambar yang best nihh
papapapa, apa yg dia tengah merepek tktau la. serious ja nihh. btw : smart nih
actually, saya tak minat sgt tgk abs lelaki nihh, tapi expression muka dia menampakkan dia sexy.
8. Jika korang seorang Kpoppers, masukkan photo barang/koleksi kpop korang

Beautiful ShowT-Shirt

Ada lagi, U-KISS, BTOB, BIG BANG, B2ST punya album. Tapi malas la nak begambar gambar nihh.


Why I Like ... (Teen Top)


Why I Like ....
Relax, it's not L.Joe. It's baby Ricky
Why I Like Ricky in Teen Top?
First, he was a cute boy when he was a child
Really cute
Second, he can be dorky on his own way

Third, he can be cute too
as he always did

Fourth, i like his eyebrows

Fifth, his smile

Extra :

Changrick couple :)

funny time together ^^
being dorky together lol

Ok, i end here. i will continue with Why I Like ... of other group
Wait for me
Bye-yeom :)

picture, gifs source : Wehearit, FYeahChangRick/tumblr

Random Question


ok, kecomelan overload
As usual, benda ni semua dari tumblr, dan di transfer kat ke blog.


Made someone cry : Pernah, sorry gila wey 
Been online for more than 10 hours : No, sbb I can get headache
Eaten food that fell on the floor : Sekali dua, tu pun kat lantai rumah sendiri la, tempat lain tak mungkin kot
Been caught cheating : Yes
Been caught naked : Gilos? Jatuh maruah eden
Gone out without underwear on : Eew, tak mungkin =='
Swallowed bath water : Pernah, bathtab. Erk
Done something mean to someone : Pernah, i regretted it after i did it :'(


Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from the hotel : Yah, it's for my mom, she likes to collect them.
Have you ever stolen a street sign before : Perlukah?
You rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees : Uhm, kalau kena pilih jugak, baik big bear lagi.
Do you always smile for pictures : Yes, always. Because someone said i'm cute when i smile. *try to be cute, oh no!
What is your biggest secret : When the name is SECRET, i can't tell laa
Do you ever count your steps when you walk : Pernah, on my way to form 3 block from school gate beacuse i'm too sleepy
Do you chew your pens or pencils : Nope, ni habit amirul. 
What size of your bed : Single bed, perasan katil besar, guling guling jatuh
What is your song of the day : Black Heart by Stooshe 
Is it okay for guys to wear pink : Mestila, pink bukan untuk perempuan saja
Do you still watch cartoons : Of course, i watched Boboiboy every week
What do you drink with dinner : Air masak
What you dip a chicken nugget in : Mustard
What is your favourite food : I love fish curry
Favourite kind of sandwich : Egg sandwich maybe
Are you lazy : Mestilah! As a human being, perasaan malas mesti ada.  

If you're a kid, what will you dress up for Halloween : I will dress up like a witch
How many languages can you speak : Two, Malay, English. haa, korean (still learning)
Are you stubborn : Degil jugak, but not so bad


Lama gila tak update


i miss my boys :') they are filming their mv now, make me feel better.

Lama dah tak update blog sejak sejak ni kan? Hmm, malas nak on laptop sebenarnya. Dengan homework, activity koko lagi, kerja kursus lagi, study lagi. Kalau bukak pun, through phone ja nak tgk update news pasai kpop, mana boleh bukak update blog through phone kan?
Dan, trial PMR yg tinggal lebih kurang 4 minggu, PMR tinggal lagi 97 hari lagi. A freaking afraid girl here

Lepas tgk B2ST  Body Art punya gambar filming ni, terubatla rindu dgn diorang yang hiatus ni. Alhamdulillah diorang dh habih world tour, jealous tak pi. O yeah, i bought Official Beautiful Show T-Shirt for RM 64
B2ST fighting!

Oya, NU'EST teaser, daebak ACTION, mcm handsome ja Aron dlm tuu. Ren uhmm, jgn kata la. takleh cantik lagi ka?! jealous tau dak? Di sini saya ingin menyatakan yg saya tak percaya muka JR sebegitu comel. Tapi don't worry, my bias in NU'EST is Aron

B.A.P at Final Showdown 2012, aku sanggup bangun keletihan dari tidur semata-mata nak tgk B.A.P. They're in Malaysia now, for showcase. Diorang enjoy Sunway Lagoon tadi. syok ja makcik makcik tersnap gmbar dgn B.A.P, btw Bang pakai singlet, then collar bone dia ahhhh *faint. Boleh gila tgk. Sexy gila.
btw : Congrats Dem Lepak Boyz! You deserved it :)
2NE1 - I Love You, YG troll orang. katanya mv keluar 0000 hrs, 5th July, rupanya teaser saja. semangat eden nunggunya. yg keluar hanyalah 30 seconds teaser. sabar huril. The queens are back!

We gonna make rookies' time ... Race Is Exciting *tagline VIXX lagi

Cross Gene .. they so ...
from left : Casper, Yongseok, Shin, Takuya, SangMin, J.G

tak tau pun diorang ni sebenarnya, bukak home Youtube acc, nampak. so bukak ja la.
Lagu yang sgt uhmm, La-Di-Da-Di best gilos
misi mencari bias,
Yongseok! Sang Min
tapi Yongseok yg menarik perhatian aku, as he's the one that start to sing.
btw, J.G's voice : kena dgr live punya. power gila, seriously.

Done here, 2 jam dah bukak laptop
bye bye-yeom