Finally I'm Back


no, not the dwarf in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He's my cousin. He wore jumpsuit with a hoodie, and .. he was looking something down there. Sbb tu mcm dwarf ja.

First of all, holla! I'm back. Kurang update blog lepas kejadian rompakan laptop hari tu. Nasib there's my sister's laptop.. Klau tk mmg katak bwh tempurung la jwbnya.
Result PPT? Mcm biasalah .. hmm =='

Second, congratulations ibu. 
unclear picture, me look very cacat

Third, Happy Father's Day Bapak, I Love You very much. Thanks for everything dad.
me? very different from others. haziq, alya photostat bapak sebijik. aku? I'm more like my mum. But tak byk. Muka ibu sgt lain. Muka aku lain sgt sgt.

Dad owns his cake, tutup guna tangan smpai mcm tu.

i made that toppers. BEST DAD EVER!

Gambar tamis (dwarf) yg betul
tamis suka biarkan aku ss bila tangkap gmbar, dgn senyum hanya 2 saat dan pusing ke lain. mcm ni la jadinya... hmm baiklah tamis. Btw, his name is Altamis Idraqqi. We call him tamis

So, i think i end it here. Maybe i'll hiatus for a while. I want to focus on my trial and PMR. 
So Hello and Goodbye!


They're a MONSTER (mv reaction #3)


source : Weheartit
Have you guys watched this super duper awesome to the infinity MV?
If not, go and watch now. 
If yes, ahhhh! I think I'm going crazy.
Big Bang, they make music using their own style, that makes Big Bang become unique
I started to know Kpop because of Big Bang
From 03/06 until now, in Big Bang's official Youtube channel, already reached 5,825,481 viewers
anyway, Taeyang is following GD's footsteps, trying the weird hairstyle 
But good for him, sbb tadak la tgk rambut mohawk dia saja
Ya, TOP is like oemjayy, Handsome gila kau!
So, here

I end it here, because now i'm at Seremban
Malas nk tulis byk byk :)


Music Video Reaction #2


Weehoo! Uri Infinite :) Chukkae, Congrats on their 2nd winning <The Chaser> on Music Bank yesterday. Always be a Inspirit, ahhh. I voted them on MCountdown, they win!

Dilema sekarang, i used to vote to Infinite as a Inspirit. I want to vote to Teen Top as Angels. But they just allow one song to be vote per time. heh, how?! So, i didn't vote for any. ihik ihik hmm :'(

MV Reaction

The first one is .... of course, in the honor of Angels ... Teen Top
To You

No one better than CAP's white and blue hair, Chunji's orange and black hair, L.Joe's purple hair, Niel's omg perfect hair, Changjo's red and black hair and Ricky's hair ... i don't know what to say.
Some people said that the song is kind of Sistar's Alone. ya, i admit it but this song is so perfect. Dance move ... as usual Teen Top's dance move. But ... Ricky dapat 'to you, to you, to you, now' ja?!
apa ni ..

Hello and Goodbye
Ok, well.emm, haa... ok ok.
Gunwoo hair, ahh, i don't understand why. Dongwoon's, Seunyeol's. their hair are the same.
Ok nvm, The song whuuu
i like it. watched the teaser i thought gunwoo was the one who kill the girl, but no. I know my Gunwoo :)
overall, well done MYNAME ^^

We gonna make the rookie's time ... Race is exciting 

One 4 U

Why A-JAX? Why not their former name -DPS Boyz-? 
A-JAX like the cleaning cleanser brand
ok ok, whatever their name, it's still them
Time untuk cari bias (suka part ni)
I think ... Jaehyung, oh no! don't worry. he's not my bias. tak suka cari yg face of the group ni. nnti gaduh (main main ja)
I have three in row now
1. Seungyub 19941023 (sub-vocalist)
2. Hyeongkon 19881203 (main rapper, leader)
3. Seungjin 19941015 (maknae, lead dancer, rapper)
Kena survey lagi. i think i like seungyub the most kot.
One 4 U punya lagu? ok la. ok for debut. well done guys :)

Done here, bye-yeom