They're a MONSTER (mv reaction #3)


source : Weheartit
Have you guys watched this super duper awesome to the infinity MV?
If not, go and watch now. 
If yes, ahhhh! I think I'm going crazy.
Big Bang, they make music using their own style, that makes Big Bang become unique
I started to know Kpop because of Big Bang
From 03/06 until now, in Big Bang's official Youtube channel, already reached 5,825,481 viewers
anyway, Taeyang is following GD's footsteps, trying the weird hairstyle 
But good for him, sbb tadak la tgk rambut mohawk dia saja
Ya, TOP is like oemjayy, Handsome gila kau!
So, here

I end it here, because now i'm at Seremban
Malas nk tulis byk byk :)