Finally I'm Back


no, not the dwarf in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He's my cousin. He wore jumpsuit with a hoodie, and .. he was looking something down there. Sbb tu mcm dwarf ja.

First of all, holla! I'm back. Kurang update blog lepas kejadian rompakan laptop hari tu. Nasib there's my sister's laptop.. Klau tk mmg katak bwh tempurung la jwbnya.
Result PPT? Mcm biasalah .. hmm =='

Second, congratulations ibu. 
unclear picture, me look very cacat

Third, Happy Father's Day Bapak, I Love You very much. Thanks for everything dad.
me? very different from others. haziq, alya photostat bapak sebijik. aku? I'm more like my mum. But tak byk. Muka ibu sgt lain. Muka aku lain sgt sgt.

Dad owns his cake, tutup guna tangan smpai mcm tu.

i made that toppers. BEST DAD EVER!

Gambar tamis (dwarf) yg betul
tamis suka biarkan aku ss bila tangkap gmbar, dgn senyum hanya 2 saat dan pusing ke lain. mcm ni la jadinya... hmm baiklah tamis. Btw, his name is Altamis Idraqqi. We call him tamis

So, i think i end it here. Maybe i'll hiatus for a while. I want to focus on my trial and PMR. 
So Hello and Goodbye!


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