Day two : Your favorite song of theirs


Hari ni hari yg malang,Allah turunkan ujian kepada kami sekeluarga.
Tapi .. rujuk kpd post title
Dalam byk byk lagu B2ST, yg paling saya suka ialah lagu Soom dengan On Rainy Days
Tau sbb apa?

Soom sbb disini la bermulanya changes in Dongwoon, he became more handsome and get more lines started that song until now. Black hair, short than the past, i really like it. Tak handsome ka you? Fine, bukan sbb Dongwoon ja, other members also so stunning in there. The songs woowwwww!

On Rainy Days pulak, suara semua sgt best.I don't know why actually, but the song bring many means to me. I feel something when I listen to that song.

So, i end it here. Will continue
Anyeong ^^
Bye-yeom <3


Day One: My Bias and Why


My bias is ...
turuntutumtutum ...
tak bagitau pun dah tau, of course la Son Dong Woon
mesti la tau dh, Huril duk menjaja satu blog kata Dong Woon tu boipren dia, ha sudahh
I love him since his hair like this ( i mean since they debuted )

until his hair became like this (until now)
eleh, DongWoon ni bukannya handsome pun, dah la renjong!
P kat aku la =='

Reason #1 :
His face ... Like the Arab Prince, you know? He's not like Korean. He's like Arabian. Even though he's not my first sight love in B2ST but it last until now. The story begun here. One day, my friend showed B2ST Mystery poster to me. She asked me, who do you think the handsome one? I pointed at Gi Kwang coz that time Dongwoon not kinda menyerlah sangat. Nampak Gi Kwang ja tengah tu. Then she get angry. I was like, ok. Nvm, i go home and i survey (mcm nak cari laki) Then nampak la Dato' Dong Woon Son inih. Jatuh cinta terus la. Sampai laa sekarang.

Reason #2 :
His voice ... auww. Tersangat la sedap. Husky sikit sikit. Deep voice orang kata.

Actually I don't know i like him, ihik. But he is my ultimate bias.
Done here. Will continue with day two tomorrow, bye-yeom :)


10 Days B2ST Challenge

as usual, i found this on tumblr, i wil start today.
from here

  •  Day 1: Your bias and why
  • Day 2: Your favorite song of theirs
  • Day 3: Your favorite cover of theirs.
  • Day 4: The one that you want to be best friends with
  •  Day 5: The one that you would want to shop with
  • Day 6: The one that you would want to party with
  • Day 7: The one that you would want to gag jokes
  • Day 8: Your favorite couple
  • Day 9: Your favorite music video
  • Day 10: Your favorite dance
  • Day 11: Your favorite performance
  • Day 12: Your favorite behind the scenes/show cut
  • Day 13: Your favorite picture
  • Day 14: Your favorite picture of your bias
  • Day 15: The one that you idolize
  • Day 16: The one with best aegyo
  • Day 17: The one with best style
  • Day 18: The one with best vocals
  • Day 19: The one with best dance skills
  • Day 20: A special note to them

Music Video reaction


Bila dapat tau B1A4 nak buat Ignition Repackage Album, tertunggu la. Then keluar B1A4-Baby Good Night, diorang cute kan? Tambah excited bila tau lagu ni leader Jinyoung dgn my bias Baro yang buat. Terlebih suka la kt Baro mcm ni. Actually ain tak paham sgt jln cerita dia, tapi mv set dia sangat best. Suka part Sandeul and Jinyoung butt hit *quack. cute gilos. 
B1A4 ada orang kata, boleh jadi mcm BigBang. I also thought so. They can go far. Spread their wings and fly high *aicecey

It's rookie time pulak

My first choice is ... VIXX (pronounced as *viks)
Lagu bertajuk <Super Hero>
Terdiri daripada 6 orang; N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hong Bin, and the maknae Hyuk 
Misi mencari bias bermula. mula mula Ravi keluar dulu, dlm hati *handsome jugak rapper ni, ok hold dulu
Then nmpak Hong Bin *handsome jugak, tpi takkan pilih punya, bukan my type (mcm pilih laki tuhh)
Tup tup, nmpak Ken *hold sat, jgn lepas lagi(dini mesti suka)
Haa, nampak Hyuk, tak kaleh org lain dah. Dah la dm tu muka mcm Baro, rambut pun ala ala dah.
Dlm live Leo dgn Ken menjerit byk. diorang berjaya mengeluarkan suara crystal clear walaupun kena menari tarian yang catchy tu.

Spreading love for #VIXX

My favorite one is .... BTOB
Irresistible Lips/I Stole Those Lips
As you guys know, lately, I'm a big fan of BTOB
So lagu ni dah keluar lama, masa crita diorang <Living In Cheongcham Deong
cuma tak official ja. so ni dah keluar official.
MV ni Minhyuk kissed. relax, he's not my bias. Tapi dia kissed. Mungkin terlalu awal. tapi takpa selagi tak dpt tentangan. Cuma tentangan knp dia kissed dgn pompuan tu, actress Cinderella Step Sisters. bukan heroinnya. sorang lagi tu, haa yg tu!
Tapi tak kesah la dia kissed pon (eleh, tu sbb bukan Sungjae dia yg kissed, kalau Sungjae mau darah naik tinggi dari Burj Dubai apa)
Ok la. Tapi lagu tu sgt best, ohsome! 
Patut bagi galakan dan pujian kepada group ini *applause

Conclusion : Now and forever, I'm a Bana, Melody and VIXX's die har fan

so dahh, bye-yeom.
nak makan, lapaq


TAG! Yes, it's you!


sorry for being so pervert
baby woon got the body jyeahh!

Actually i found this game on tumblr, just because i don't have anyone to play with me so, i post it here

Rules :
Rule 1 : Post the rules
Rule 2 : Answer the questions that the tagger set and make a new set of 11 questions
Rule 3 : Tag 5 people and link them to your post
Rule 4 : Let them know you tagged them

1. Name your 5 top biases 
 i. Son Dong Woon (B2ST)
ii. Yook Sung Jae (BTOB)
iii. Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri) (Big Bang)
iv. Hoya (Infinite)
v. Ricky (Teen Top)

2. Favorite KPOP songs right now
* It would be E.R by Dalmatian and Only Tears by Infinite. Ahh, In The Cloud by my husband, DongWoon

3. Who is your OTP
*according to the tagger, OTP is favorite couple. If me, it would be DooWoon (Doojoon+Dongwoon)

4. Favorite rookie group(s)
* BTOB, they are so talented and they're from Cube family jyeahh. Then B.A.P, EXO-K maybe. Nu'est of course. Female it would be Hello Venus

5. What would you do if you meet with any of your biases?
* First, my eyes will be bigger than ever, then my mouth start saying their name, and i will smile until you can see all of my teeth. Then i will asked for autograph and capture a picture with me and i will say to them that i will support them until the end of my life anddddd i will show it off to my friends (muahahaha)

6.  KPOP idol you would marry
* I would marry with Son Dongwoon then i will be Mrs. Son. Hahaha

7. KPOP idol you would like to star in a drama with? Any genre of drama btw
* I would like to star a drama with Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo, in a drama that the story would be like Heartstrings and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (but not to star a drama that the hero is younger than the heroin) because i am only 15 yrs old

8. KPOP idol you want to be your oppa/hyung/unnie/noona? In other word, sibling
* I would like GD as my oppa, because GD kinda caring person. Dara as my unnie because i get jealous with Cheondung. he has a very kind and caring noona

9. KPOP idol you want to be your best friend
* I don't know but I want all of Teen Top member to be my best friend. Their age rate is kind of teenagers. so i think they will okay especially Ricky and Changjo

10. Favorite group(s)
* i would like to rank them
i. B2ST
ii. BTOB
iii. Big Bang
iv. Dalmatian
v. Infinite
many more

11. How are you today?
*Fine thanks, but kinda lazy to do revision

So these are my questions:

1. your ultimate bias?
2. favorite group?
3. how long you get in kpop?
4. first kpop song that you heard?
5. any kpop group you don't like? not anti but in other words, less love at anyone?
6. BTOB vs NU'EST, B.A.P vs EXO
7. an idol that had caught your eyes lately?
8. favourite mv ever?
9. do you know rookie TAKEN? your opinion about TAKEN?
10. do you collect any KPOP merchandise? for example ...?
11. anyone of your friends get into kpop because of you?

i tagged everyone that read this post, but this my tag in here.



yahh, that's my Jang In Tae

Dah dengar Dalmatian - E.R, I'm loving E.R now
Ada acapella version, dengar tu pun best jugak. Dalam mv E.R, my Inati omjayyy, Youngwon seriously, you look like a girl, but that's not be a problem to me. Banyak idol yang rambut panjang, but they look okay in it; Jungshin, Taemin  right? Ahak, Ren jugak, okay apa? Simon, Jeesu, Drama, Inati, Youngwon thumbs up for you guys. Album tu 100% diorang yang buat lagu lagunya. Dengar lagu Hurt Me, dengan Still By Ur Side. Best gilosss! Dalmatian ahh! I rindu diorang, that's why jadi cmni. Sorry. Live pulak, dekat mana tah, although Drama did harmonized the chorus, but it's sound good.

B2ST too, i need their comeback! CEO said that they will do a comeback after soloist G.NA, ahh, lambat lagi. Agak agak bulan 6 jugak la. Dah nak dekat trial dah time tuu.
Tapi me as die hard B2UTY, will wait.

MYNAME katanya bulan 6, Teen Top nak buat jugak, tapi i don't know when. B1A4 nak buat repackage album dengan mengeluarkan image teaser
Baro dengan rupanya begini, cair i ahak :D

Bubibu~ sambil pegang pipi
Ok, ends here
Bye :) Haa, lagi satu. Bagi sapa yang kata "Apa Huril? Blog hang korea ja!" nasihat saya, kalau tak mau bukak, tak yah bukak. dah la bukak, pastu dok complain 
Ok Bye-yeom


Onew you :D


Tengah blog-walking then ternampak link yang sgt interesting
Mcm quiz la. Boleh search
I try My Life with one of Shinee member
nak tgk result dia?

Your partner is : Onew (aaa! pandai la benda ni)
Where did you met : At street where his car bump into yours
What made him fall in love with you : Your cuteness
How did he announce he fallen in love with you : give you a bouquet of heart-shaped teddy bears with a cute love note
What kind of nickname he call you : Mrs Onew (ya allah, nak pengsan kalau betul betul)
How did he propose to you : decorate your room with beautiful blinking lights with a banner writen WILL YOU MARRY ME?

My answer to Onew : I DO!!

Conclusion on Shinee's part : Onew, i love you. Paah! Onew aku punya. Wekk :p

Then i try B2ST

1. Who is your B2ST boyfriend?
Nak tau sapa? Walaupun jawapan tak seperti diharapkan tapi, nak buat cmna? Big Bang kata -Never Stop Dreaming-

Your boyfriend is : Yo Seob
Where did you met : At a concert
What made him fall in love with you : Your cuteness
Where does he take you on your first date : To a themepark
Did you have fun : HELL NO (nak gelak tebahak bahak ni)
Who did you end up with later : Jun Hyung (alaa, tak dongwoon ya)

2. B2ST and You <3
The result is ...

Your bestfriend : Dongwoon
Your crush : Dongwoon
Who likes you : Ki Kwang (haha XD)
Your future boyfriend : Junhyung
Who will you marry : Hyunseung

Punya la nak lagi best answer, nyonya ni pun try la lagi sekali -dgn harapan Dongwoon duk di kedudukan yang memuaskan-
Answernya ..

Your bestfriend : Junhyung
Your crush : Dujun
Who likes you : Yo Seob
Your future boyfriend : Du Jun
Who will you marry : Yo Seob

Haram takdak lansung, hai junhyung, tak penat ka? nama hang ja dari tadi

3. What is B2ST to you
Ahaa, ni lawak sikit

Crush : Dong Woon
Lover : Dong Woon
Best friend : Gi Kwang
Rival : Gi Kwang
Neighbour : Du Jun (oo, dia la yang masak gorang pisang tiap petang tuu)
Your boyfriend is .. : Jun Hyung

Tak puas hati ni, kena try sekali lagi

Crush : Gi Kwang
Lover : Jun Hyung
Best friend : Hyun Seung
Rival : Du Jun
Neighbour : Du Jun (dia lagi =.=)
Your boyfriend is .. : Jun Hyung

Padan muka nyonya ni, Dongwoon dia takdak.
Tapi Jun Hyung ....

Conclusion on B2ST's part : Jun Hyung memonopoli carta. Ok la Junhyung TT___TT

Punya la syok main, i tried Big Bang. Ihik :)

1. On A Date with Big Bang
kalau betul, tu la the best part in my life

The one who give you a rose is ... Seungri
The one who is the most similar to you is ... Seungri
The one who hold you hand is ... G-Dragon
The one you absolutely hate is ... Daesung (anyonyo poor uri Daesung :( )
The one who like you the most is ... TOP (Ilya, be jealous please)
The one who give you a goodnight kiss is ... Seungri

2. What is Big Bang to you
Ni lawak gila

G-Dragon is : your driver
TOP is : your personal assistant
Tae Yang is : your maid (haha ok. bayangkan, seseorang yang badannya uhh jadi maid kamu OMG)
Seung Ri is : your boyfriend (hahahahhaha)
Dae Sung is : my neighbour (la dia kaa, patut la mcm kenai tadi. sbb nmpak masa dok siram pokok)

Conclusion on Big Bang's part : Seung Ri. Thank you <3
The one and only EXO-K
Haa, i tried EXO-K relationship

Suho ... Soulmate
Baekhyun ... Ex-Boyfriend (keurae!)
Chanyeol ... Crush on you
D.O ... Brother (oppa, *show love sign)
Kai ... Enemy (Ha tudia)
Sehun ... Boyfriend (hhaha, syok tak kira la)

Conclusion on EXO-K's part : Sehun is my biased ok. I don't care

Then tak serik serik, i try Block B, since i miss them so much
and .. I hope Leader Zico recover faster :D

1. Block B Relationship

Husband : U-Kwon
Crush : U-Kwon
Best Friend : B-Bomb
Lover : B-Bomb
Oppa : U-Kwon
Soulmate : B-Bomb

dgn reaksi 'Buhong ahhh' saya try sekali lagi

Husband : Jae Hyo
Crush : Kyung
Best Friend : Kyung
Lover : Jae Hyo
Oppa : P.O
Soulmate : U-Kwon

reaksi yang sama 'Buhong gilaaaa' sbb P.O tak patut dok situ what oppa ja?

2. Who is you Block B boyfriend
The result is ...
Taram taram taramm
Tadaaaa !

P.O syok tak kira dah la

Conclusion on Block B's part : I like. P.O, we share same date of birth 
The last one ... B1A4
I try Your B1A4's boyfriend

the result is ...

Your boyfriend is ... Baro
You met ... him when he caught you stalking him
He likes you because ... you have a lot in common
You get married ... in a park full of cherry blossoms blooming (mmg i punya dream wedding place pun, wahhh indahnya)
You have ... 3 boys and 1 girl (tudiaa)

Conclusion on B1A4's part : Baro, kalau betul, aku la orang paling bahagia
So lets end here
Nak tgk Sunny Girl
Ada Aaron hari ni. sambil tgk post ni tau dak. Aaron handsome gila weyyyy!  aaaaaaaaaaaa!
Bye :)
And semua ni hanya la rekaan. tapi quiz tu wujud
nak try? klik sini -->

Bye, wasalam




Dah tgk DALMATIAN - E.R teaser?
From left : Inati (Leader), Drama/Daniel (Maknae), Young Won, Jee Su and the new Simon
Go and see now
Can't wait. Inati handsome you. I want to see our new Simon. All the members too. But Simon supposed to debut with this group, something like that. I don't know the real story.

I layan jugak group baru.
TAKEN Alex left TAKEN. He did that to continue his study. Dah la dia bias i. hmm, Let's pray for his success in the future ^^

Bila tersedar akan Mid-Year Exam, habih ja kena focus untuk Trial PMR then i will face the real PMR
So i decided to decrease my use on laptop or internet
+ FB, Twitter, Blog, Tumblr and wateva :D
Cuma buku dan iPod Nano 5th Generation ja disisi
Maybe hujung minggu ja kot.
Insyaallah, selagi Allah kuatkan hati ini.
Ok, this is my post for today
So bye bye and ...
Good Luck for those who will facing the exam next week



T.T Dari still in military and Day Day left Dalmatian
And the new Simon replace him (the one that between the letters M and N)


BTOB (비투비) – Father (아버지) Lyrics


sseulsseulhaejin dwitmoseubi natseoreo
georeoganeun naenae barabodaga
geunyang nunmuri naseo
geunyang ulgiman haesseo
jigeumggeot moreugo san naega miwoseo
apeseon taeyeonhan cheok utgiman haeseo
hangsang nae apeseon ganghan cheok haeseo
saenggakjocha mothaesseo
anin julman arasseo
sseulsseulhan dwitmoseubeul mollatdeon geoya

geuddaeneun mollatjyo neomuna eoryeotjyo
nuguboda weroul tende
dagagaji mothaetjyo
ijeya aratjyo jogeum neujeun geon anijyo
neomuna hago sipeun mal
yeongwonhi saranghabnida
nae abeoji

hanchameul geureohge nan barabodaga
dallyeogaseo geunyang anabeoryeosseo
manyang ulgo sipeoseo
geu pume ulgo sipeoseo
dangsinui gomaumi neomu seoreowoseo

geuddaeneun mollatjyo neomuna eoryeotjyo
nuguboda weroul tende
dagagaji mothaetjyo
ijeya aratjyo jogeum neujeun geon anijyo
neomuna hago sipeun mal
yeongwonhi saranghabnida
nae abeoji

hansum han beon puk swimyeon da naajin deut sen cheok
naegen boyeoyo geudaeui heureuji anhneun nunmul
sangcheo gadeukhan gaseum
ulji ankon apasseul hyungteo
da naega mandeun geonde jakku haeyo wae geudae taseul
And your eyes showed you were tired
But you hid it, such a liar
ije naega ana julgeyo naege gidaedo dwaeyo
And your eyes showed you were tired
But you hid it such a liar
geudaeneun yeongwonhan naui nopeun haneurieyo

geochireojin sone jureumjin nungae
sseulsseulhaejin dwitmoseummajeo nan iksukhaji anhaseo
naega geuraetna bwa apeuge haetna bwa
dwidoraseon dwitmoseummajeo
naega namgin jimman gataseo
haejun ge eobtjiman nan
deurin ge hana eobtjiman
neomuna hago sipeun mal
yeongwonhi saranghabnida
nae abeoji


Relay 3A5 2012


Aku rasa tak la terlambat sangat nak cerita pasal Relay 2012 yang 3A5 punya version :) Tahun ni semangat tu sgt dirasai walaupun tak ungguli acara but bak kata mama Jum 'menang ka kalah no.2, semangat tu penting' Dengan t-shirt kelas yang hijau. Aku bagi nama GREENOS comel tak? ok tak huril. Dengan sepanduk, little flags. Sangat best, so ada la sikit gambar (ok, banyak) yang aku dipertugaskan update blog. Gambo pun curi (tak, ambil) dari fb Ainaa, Mai dan fb sesiapa yang ada gambar Greenos ^^ aku suka la nama tu.

sorry Say, aku curi gambar hang sbb aku takleh nak tangkap gambar ngan hang mcm depa kat bawah ni T.T 
kesian kat aku dak wey Say?

Along the way, we are together


itu saya buat, 

go Hareen

hero 3A5

i suka gambar ni

saya suka senyum mcm tu, byk gambar saya senyum mcm tu tapi yang ni ja elok sikit

disaat my long time best friend, Ilya came to conteng my face, Daniel dgn Eizat tgk. Haha lawak la gambar ni =='
amirul mmg, gambar bercangkung

me with nazifa
me with mirza