Day two : Your favorite song of theirs


Hari ni hari yg malang,Allah turunkan ujian kepada kami sekeluarga.
Tapi .. rujuk kpd post title
Dalam byk byk lagu B2ST, yg paling saya suka ialah lagu Soom dengan On Rainy Days
Tau sbb apa?

Soom sbb disini la bermulanya changes in Dongwoon, he became more handsome and get more lines started that song until now. Black hair, short than the past, i really like it. Tak handsome ka you? Fine, bukan sbb Dongwoon ja, other members also so stunning in there. The songs woowwwww!

On Rainy Days pulak, suara semua sgt best.I don't know why actually, but the song bring many means to me. I feel something when I listen to that song.

So, i end it here. Will continue
Anyeong ^^
Bye-yeom <3


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