Food Poisoning : Exam : Nota : Folio

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hari tu makan burger,
then muntah-muntah,
then perut sakit
then balik rumah.
pening tak habis lagi.

Kuatkan semangat nak buat folio nie.

Tau la kan, bila hidup student, akhir tahun, mesti exam.
bila ada exam, mesti cikgu nk kutip buku nota dan folio kan

ya itu yang terjadinya sekarang
banyak nota : kh, sains, geo etc :
banyak folio : geo, sivik (<--- ni pon nak jugak)
banyak perlu direvisekan : kh, agama, sains, sej, geo, maths, bm, bi

i'm working on my folio now.
bila habis semua folio baru buat nota and revise all the subjects.
Bak kata orang perancangan itu penting.

Semangat !


Attend Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Di sini saya nak menyatakan bahawa :
Saya tak dapat pergi ke Korean Music Wave kat Malaysia.
Butiran seperti berikut :

Date : 24 September 2011
Time : 7.00 pm
Place : Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur


G-Dragon & Top ( Big Bang )
Seungri ( Big Bang )
Park Jung Min
FT Island
Teen Top

Haa~ Ya , disebabkan faktor umur yang menghalang aku pergi.
Bukan senang nak ada kat Malaysia nihh~
Tak paa :(


The all I need is ...
The thing make me happy is ...

My Parent's Attention :( 

I don't know any else. 
I just want that.

What should I do to make you pay your attention to me :
1. Be good in study
2. Wear tudung like my ....
3. Want to be a doctor 
4. Don't speak with boys.

I try to not tell this hell up for my relative
especially for Kak Eda.
I afraid that they may think that I'm not matured in thinking.


Happy Birthday, Father

You're 44 already
I'm 14
You're such a perfect father.
Happy Birthday, bapak

15 September 2011

Here's the Puding Sekelip Mata. haha. Sumi dengan Fresh Milk.


suka suka

bila disuruh buat brand sendiri, beginila jadinya ---


asyik KOREA ja =__=

Assalamualaikum wbt ,

well hi there !

Ya, recently ain post pasal DONGWOON.
Kawan ain asyik kata, "apa yang hang post ? korea ja. malas aku baca ! =,="
kejap !
ada aku suruh hampa baca ?
ain tak kesah. nak baca, baca la. tak mau baca , BUTANG X ADA DI ATAS KANAN PAGE ANDA. CLICK JA !
itu hak anda !



Hey ! Queue up please :D

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hey, hye there !
actually nak menyatakan kekesalan di hati tentang orang di pasaraya yang mementingkan diri sendiri.
Ceritaya begini :

Pada satu malam tu, ain pergi pasaraya. Buy some stationery untuk  bukak sekolah. Nak bayar. Then ain sanggup queue punya lama nak hormat perasaan orang. Lama, of kors la. Lepas raya, ramai sangat !
Ada laa mak cik, tak tua sangat kot, suruh menunjuk kan jari nya dan sambil berkata " Tuh, tuh. Letak depan kakak tu " Ok. Then sambil dia sebutkan dengan jari kedepan dan mulut muncung memberi arahan dia menyelinap masuk queue depan ain.

Tak sakit hati ?! Kalau diikutkan memang nak kata dah. Tapi demi menjaga muka yang pura-pura sweet ni, terpaksalah tahan.
Orang lain rushing jugak, tapi tak la potong queue mcm mak cik tu.

So, untuk menjaga perasaan orang dan orang menjaga perasaan kita JANGAN LA POTONG QUEUE ! interm of sopan sikit QUEUE UP , PLEASE :D !



* He likes to eat a lot
* He surprisingly has low self-esteem even though he always calls himself “male god” (always wants to prove his worth or something like that?)
* I think he’s always been pretty popular. in school, when he was at jyp, when he’s with other idols, he seems to know a lot of people. he calls himself the captain of 91line but he gets bullied around a lot and treated like a baby with everyone.
* He really looks up to his hyungs & respects them though
* He’s very clumsy. falls down a lot. also bad at sports, bad at dancing, bad at anything physical. kind of lazy too
* I think he’s the smartest member of beast though, i could be wrong. but he’s known to be able to do math easily and he’s good at speaking! his dad is a university professor & author and i think dongwoon got a lot of his wisdom from him.
* Despite his appearances he’s pretty immature & silly sometimes lol ~true maknae~ ( yeah, you're B2ST maknae )
* He’s a really big wheesung fan, i think he was the one who inspired dongwoon to become an idol in the first place.
* Dongwoon wants to sing a soft ballad while playing the piano under a soft pin light
* Dongwoon’s role model, aside from his father, is Wolverine
* Dongwoon doesn’t like when girls use aegyo. He likes naturally cute girls
* Dongwoon studied in Santa Rosa Laguna in the Philippines
* Dongwoon uses a small Guess wallet given to him by his mother
* Dongwoon’s favorite cologne is Bodyshop’s White Musk ( same as me mehh~ ^^ )
* Drinking out of the faucet with 2PM’s Junsu was one of Dongwoon’s memorable events from his JYP trainee days
* Dongwoon loves it when people question if his races are mixed. He especially likes it when people call him an Arabic Prince ( at  first i know him, i like " he's not korean ! he's arabic" )
* The song Dongwoon got tired of listening to after many times is R. Kelly’s “Bobble.” It was used in the dance battle for the B2ST Documentary
* Dongwoon admitted that he was once the loneliest member of the group
* Dongwoon can’t just sit and do nothing. He always tries to find things to do, which annoys the rest of the members at times
* Dongwoon loves reading science fiction books
* Dongwoon’s favorite food is pepper/chili crab
* Dongwoon likes thoughtful girls whom he can be comfortable with and will understand him
* Dongwoon treasures friendship more than love
* Dongwoon really likes the Taiwanese group SHE
* Every day, Dongwoon organizes fan letters and gives them to the members respectively
* Dongwoon’s father is a professor for international manners at Cheongju University
* Dongwoon’s quickly matured looks earned him the nickname “Male God.” ( that's our maknae ! )
* Not only can Dongwoon play the piano, but he can also play the violin
* Dongwoon feels confident every time he’s in a school uniform (so, just wear the school uniform everywhere you go 
* Although Dongwoon really likes BEG’s Narsha, he prefers 4minute’s Sohyun
* Dongwoon is the mood maker in B2ST. He often brings laughter to people
* Dongwoon wants to be casted in shows like WGM ( with who ? ) or Invincible Youth
* Dongwoon uses a backpack previously used by Doojoon
* Dongwoon’s favorite author is Bernard Werber
* Despite being the maknae, Dongwoon took his college entrance test at the same time as Gikwang, Hyunseung, and Junhyung
* Dongwoon really loves playing the piano. He usually practices alone
* Ever since Dongwoon joined the group, their moods have been happier and brighter
* Dongwoon is shy around a camera
* Dongwoon really wants to do radio, reality, and variety shows
* Dongwoon doesn’t like girls who use aegyo
* To relieve his stress, Dongwoon plays table tennis at the gym
* Dongwoon doesn’t care if people call them recycled, as long as they continue to work together as a group
* Dongwoon wants a girl who will think of him often and understand his feelings
* Dongwoon has a dog named Heul Heul
* Dongwoon wants to go on an ice cream date
* Dongwoon heard that he is very handsome lately ( yaa~ I agreed. If you would compare between Dongwoon in Bad Girl and Dongwoon in Soom, Beautiful and Fiction is really different. He is really handsome lately )
* Dongwoon will stay up until midnight to say “Happy Birthday” to people, especially the members
* Dongwoon wishes he was cute like other groups’ maknaes ( no, boy ! you cute in your way )
* Dongwoon is the tallest member at 181 cm ( i'm only 156 cm :( )
* Dongwoon’s quickly matured looks earned him the nickname “Male God".
* Dongwoon is scared of bugs
* “I wanna be on TV as well!~”
Dongwoon (when everyone was crowding around the camera)
* Dongwoon is said to be in best terms with everyone
* Dongwoon was asked to buy cigarettes for girls during his first year in high school
* Everyday without fail, Dongwoon would organize fan-letters and gave out to the individual members for them to read theirs.
* Dongwoon’s father, Son Illak, is a professor of international manners for hotel adminstration at Cheongju University.