2011 Mnet Asian Music Award MAMA in Singapore

Assalamualaikum :D

Di sini saya ingin menyatakan ke-excited-an diri saya

An article from http://www.8tv.com.my/

PETALING JAYA, 22nd November 2011– Attention all Hallyu fans! Some of the biggest Korean wave stars will be heating up Singapore in the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and 8TV is set to bring you all the excitement!

On Tuesday, November 29th at 9.30pm, glam up and get ready for a night filled with some of the most famed Korean celebrities, dolled up in sparkle, gusto and vivacity, exclusively on 8TV.

With the latest list of celebrities released by organizers of MAMA, 8TV promises viewers an award show that will have fans left star struck and in awe. Some of the biggest names on the attendees list include Lee Byung Hun and Song Seung Heon, both of which have enormous followings all around Asia. Apart from that, Song Joong Gi from the popular TV drama ‘Sungkyungwan Scandal’ as well as Park Shi Hoo, Ji Sung, Go Soo and Kim Soo Hyun are among those who will add the glitz and dazzle to the event.

The lineup of female stars are equally as impressive. Seasoned Hallyu star Kim Hee Sun, ‘Korean Barbie Doll’, Han Chae Young, together with Yoon Eun Hye, Han Hyo Joo and Kim Min Hee will enchant K-pop fans. Adding to the already very glamorous list, Kang So Ra who recently grabbed attention with her witty acceptance speech dance at the ‘Style Icon Awards, Bae Soo Bin, Nam Gyu Ri, Yoon Seung Ah, Kim Sung Soo, Oh Ji Ho and many other noticeable Korean stars will be making a striking appearance.

8TV is set to capture all the highlights and breath taking moments as the 2011 MAMA opens its curtains at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Korean artists who have been at the forefront of the latest fever over K-pop as well as popular artists from Asia and across the globe will be putting together one of the most spectacular finale music events of the year – A must watch! Join over 1.9 billion viewers around the world and catch a delayed telecast of the awards as it airs on 8TV at 9.30pm.

“8TV is happy to bring to one of the most celebrated award shows! Our mission is to deliver greater content for our Chinese audience, seeing that we are the leading Chinese station in the country” says Group General Manager of 8TV & ntv7, Ms Airin Zainul. Airin adds “We are certain that the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), will serve as one of the station’s many groundbreaking shows.”

Don’t be left out on all the excitement and thrill as the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) comes to you exclusively on 8TV on Tuesday, 29th November 2011, at 9.30pm. 8TV is also on Astro’s Channel 708. You can catch your favourite shows as Catch Up on www.8tv.com.my / www.tonton.com.my or follow us via www.facebook.com/8TVfb , www.twitter.com/8tv and www.youtube.com/8tvaddicts

So MAMA will be air on 8TV :D


We Will Miss You (part 2 )

Assalamualaikmu wbt.

Next is Asyrahtul Akmal binti Abdul Rahman
Dia sama kelas dengan kami
Actually, at first kami tak seberapa rapat. At first it just "CLASSMATE"
Lepas tu, agak tengah tahun ni baru digelar "CLASSMATE + BESTFRIEND"
Kami sebelum ni tek la rapat sangat sebab konflik sikit, maybe. Lepas diselesaikan, kami jadi rapat. We really love her. Why must dlm jangka masa yang pendek kami rapat, dia kena pindah ?
Ya, like my mum said, 'Adat kehidupan'

Asyrahtul Akmal :
1. Dia cantik
2. Suara mcm kartun (sambil terdengar Spongebob punya suara di TV)
3. She's a good listener
4. Dia sangat yakin saya akan ...

Maybe huril tak ada sangat cerita pasai Syatul ni. Tapi there's many photos.
So, here :

Bunny Huril

Time last day kami makan

Time ni aku tak dak :( But this picture kinda sweet

Aku suka gmbaq ni


The last picture that we captured


Kami menukar hak milik Tortoise kepada Syatul

Me and her

Farhah and her

Ainaa and her

Farhah and her, AGAIN

Maisarah and her

Hilman, Ina and her

Mirza and her

credit : camera -> ainaa, syatul, mai  picture from -> facebook

p/s : Syatul, don't forget us. Jaga Tortoise elok-elok. Mungkin kita tak lama bersama, tapi kenangan ada (ececey) But Iwe want you to know that : WE LOVE YOU <3 <3


We Will Miss You (part 1)


Hai, today is the last day of school sesi 2011. Good bye form 2 and welcome form 3. Form 3 ?! Oh no, PMR ! Ok, back to the topic.
Kenapa ada part 1 and part 2 ?
sebab I have 2 beloved friends yang akan pindah, and there're no more them next year.
Yang part 2 akan saya update bila gambo kami berposing sakan dalam kelas di upload kt dlm facebook saya, ok ?

So, my first friend, named Sarah Najihah
seingat saya dia masuk SMK Ibrahim bukan awal tahun 2010, dia masuk tengah tahun kot (kalau tak silap la)
We getting closed when my friend, Izni Izzati satu kelas dengan dia.
Kmai mula rapat tahun ni.

Sarah Najihah :
1. A happy person
2. Sangat suka senyum smpai nampak gigi
3. Dia cantik
4. Dia pelakon English Drama sekolah
5. Dia sangat baik
6. Dia suka kata saya sombong. (hikhik)

credit : Facebook Sarah Najihah

p/s : Sarah, I'm sorry so much. I tak boleh nak tunaikan janji I yang I kata nk buat rantai bagi dekat you bila hari last day sekolah. Sarah, forgive me. Don't forget me. ILOVEYOUSARAH I'll miss you. We will miss you, dear. 


B2ST Einste


I want to show, our Beast cleverness

Click for clearer image

The new capital city of Arab is Son Dongwoon


YooRo ^^

Assalamualaikumu wbt.

Yoogeun (Shinee Hello Baby) remind me of Baro (B1A4)

I end up with this also ..