Dah tgk DALMATIAN - E.R teaser?
From left : Inati (Leader), Drama/Daniel (Maknae), Young Won, Jee Su and the new Simon
Go and see now
Can't wait. Inati handsome you. I want to see our new Simon. All the members too. But Simon supposed to debut with this group, something like that. I don't know the real story.

I layan jugak group baru.
TAKEN Alex left TAKEN. He did that to continue his study. Dah la dia bias i. hmm, Let's pray for his success in the future ^^

Bila tersedar akan Mid-Year Exam, habih ja kena focus untuk Trial PMR then i will face the real PMR
So i decided to decrease my use on laptop or internet
+ FB, Twitter, Blog, Tumblr and wateva :D
Cuma buku dan iPod Nano 5th Generation ja disisi
Maybe hujung minggu ja kot.
Insyaallah, selagi Allah kuatkan hati ini.
Ok, this is my post for today
So bye bye and ...
Good Luck for those who will facing the exam next week


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