Day One: My Bias and Why


My bias is ...
turuntutumtutum ...
tak bagitau pun dah tau, of course la Son Dong Woon
mesti la tau dh, Huril duk menjaja satu blog kata Dong Woon tu boipren dia, ha sudahh
I love him since his hair like this ( i mean since they debuted )

until his hair became like this (until now)
eleh, DongWoon ni bukannya handsome pun, dah la renjong!
P kat aku la =='

Reason #1 :
His face ... Like the Arab Prince, you know? He's not like Korean. He's like Arabian. Even though he's not my first sight love in B2ST but it last until now. The story begun here. One day, my friend showed B2ST Mystery poster to me. She asked me, who do you think the handsome one? I pointed at Gi Kwang coz that time Dongwoon not kinda menyerlah sangat. Nampak Gi Kwang ja tengah tu. Then she get angry. I was like, ok. Nvm, i go home and i survey (mcm nak cari laki) Then nampak la Dato' Dong Woon Son inih. Jatuh cinta terus la. Sampai laa sekarang.

Reason #2 :
His voice ... auww. Tersangat la sedap. Husky sikit sikit. Deep voice orang kata.

Actually I don't know i like him, ihik. But he is my ultimate bias.
Done here. Will continue with day two tomorrow, bye-yeom :)


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