A Broken Heart


 Love Is Ouch - 2NE1 
Even this news i don't it's true or not, or maybe true but he doesn't involve but i feel that this is the time to let him go. three years closing heart and open it just for him, but ...
nothing i get.
It feels so hard 
But i must let him go. 
Let him do what he likes. 
But, i never think that you are my friend because we never talk to each other even three years know each other, studying in the same class. I'll forget him
Don't worry dear, go to her.
Maybe this is a blessing from Allah, it's just his way of letting me realize that he save me from a  wrong one, thank you Allah.
But, it's hard because i see him everyday, every single minute, hour, day in the class
Tonight i feel like i blew away, nothing inside my head but just thinking about how i must get through my day without any feeling to you and some heart broke, seeing you smiling happily;do not know anything

Each drop of a tear is costly
than anything in world
But ...
No one knows its value
until they have it in their own eyes
for someone.

Now, i believe in my destiny. Allah create human in pair which complete each other
One day, i'll find mine. Insyaallah
Life must go on.
Even he never know that i really love him but please, be nice to the lucky girl

I end it here
I hope he will happy


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