Plan lepas PMR


Actually Addy (Adriana), her unknown friend and me are going to do a online shop selling One Direction or maybe plus with K-POP merchandise, ya it's unofficial but it's handmade
The things in our mind is T-shirt, Pillow case since her friend's mom want to sew pillow case for us or any other things. 
But maybe it's my beginning in business ahak actually i hate business, but sometime i think business quite awesome.
My mom and dad support me. They said if I have a problem on modal, they want to give some. So it's really light me up.
We decided to do 1D since I find that it is hard to find 1D merchandise online shop in Malaysia. We also a die-hard Directioners
ahakk :) 
KPOP? Just because i like Kpop too. So it's ok la.

Done here. Bye-yeom <3
(Sorry for grammar mistake, i will improve it)


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