Poor Block B :(


Poor my baby Block B
Block B at the center of another controversy after the controversy in Thailand
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Block B, who earlier this year caused a firestorm of controversies due to their interview in Thailand, has once again found themselves at the center of yet another controversy, this time due to their fans. The problem began on March 17th, when Block B held a fan signing event in a large bookstore in Suwon. As the fan signing event was underway, some fans took drastic measures in order to get a glimpse of their idols. A few fans climbed on top of bookshelves and tables, causing numerous books to fall off of these shelves and tables.Furthermore, many of these books were damaged from being stepped on and a table was even reported to have been broken from the weight of the fans. These occurrences were uploaded live through various social networking sites. thus pictures were transmitted in real time to numerous online community boards.Those who were present in the bookstore uploaded comments such as, “Even the security equipment is being broken by the fans“, “I think there are more than a hundred books that were damaged” , and “This is so rude to the normal customers who are there to buy books“.As the controversy began to accelerate, some Block B fans took damage control into their own hands. Many of them criticized the destructive fans by saying, “Currently Block B’s company is losing trainees and Block B are busy with schedules, and your actions are making it more difficult for them.” Furthermore, some of the fans cleaned up the mess after the signing event and uploaded pictures of their cleaning online.Some attributed the problem to the organizational failure of the event. The event was only supposed to host pre-selected fans, but the event drew fans from all over, causing there to be a lack of organization and management.It’s good to see the fans reprimanding those who were unruly and helping clear things at at the end of the event.
LOL, it's not their fault ngeh
Why in the world would they climb on the shelves anyway... where the hell are the employees, guards, owners...and no rules in the bookstore? Most places, theres either bans, getting kicked out, and fines/sues

One of the source's member said, that i totally agreed is :
Judging those K-BBCs so hard right now.  Please, though, do not lump all BBCs together. Other fans helped clean up the mess, and I guarantee you all of us i-BBCs are feeling shameful/disappointed and sad for those ruined books and the people who lost money over this incident.  I'd like to apologise for the damage done by a number of the batshit insane fans of my fandom (every fandom has 'em, no fandom wants 'em). I'm sorry.Please do not hurt Block B over this, also. It was not them who did the damage, and whilst I understand that idols have a responsibility to control and educate their fans behaviors this is not something that is so directly Block B's fault. This is a select number of absolute idiots being idiots.As to why the meet was held in a bookstore - a lot of people still feel negative towards Block B, so they would not let them in their establishment, also Block B are still new, so.Please. Be angry at the small number of idiots who caused the damage, do not hurt Block B or tar the entire fandom with the same brush. BBCs are very embarrassed and sorry over this, and I am sure Block B will be reflecting even more and doing their best to scold fans and make it known that is absolutely not acceptable (even though that should already be obvious.
Thanks to cleaned up :)
As a DIE HARD BBC i support Block B until the end
But everyone did mistakes and deserve apologies so haters, please do not hate Block B
Poor them, in this case, it's not fault.
Please :)
To Block B : STAY STRONG dear <3


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