A big Heart, A Big Family


First, blog title dah tukar jadi my real name : Huril 'Ain. bukan lagi Hey!I'm On Block :) yang dulu. ok, done.
Second, you want to know? I have a big family of A5, from 1A5, 2A5 until now 3A5.
Mcm semua orang tahu, I maybe have them, but i don't own them. Mungkin satu hari, mereka akan jejakkan kaki ke simpang yang lain-lain.
zaman prasejarah

 zaman parsejarah #2

 zaman purba

 it was take someday in December 2010, i was 13


when what we did, doesn't make sense. guys, i love you. Ahhh, sob sob. nak nangis. hmmm :))


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