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Ok, apa Huril'Ain ni ?! Cuti update pasai kpop ja. But who care, me ? No. It's my blog. I can write whatever i like.
Haters : There is a X on your right of your windows, just click on it when you feel that you don't want to read it and doesn't care about it, ok ?

Official Fanclubs
[I AM] - 2AM
[Black Jack] 2NE1
[4NIA] 4Minute
[ Play Girlz] After School
[구름] (Cloud) – Bi Rain
[V.I.P] – Big Bang
[B2UTY] – Beast/B2st
[점핑보아] (Jumping BoA) – BoA
[Everlasting] – Brown Eyed Girls
[Boice] C.N BLUE
[카시오페아] (Cassiopeia) – DBSK
[High Skool] Epik High
[Primadonna] - FT Island
[Affxtion] - F(x)
[Happiness] Gavy NJ
[White Angels] H.O.T
[Jewelry Box] Jewelry
[카밀리아] (Kamilia) – KARA
[Airen] Lee Seung Gi
[A+] Mblaq
[Prism/Prismatic] - Rainbow
[Lucky 7] – Se7en
[SHINee.W] (SHINee World) – SHINee [신화창조] (Shinhwa Changjo) – Shinhwa
[Seeya with You] - Seeya
[Friend] - SeS
[TripleS] – SS501 
[E.L.F.] – Super Junior
[Diadem] T-ara Unofficial
[Total Eclipse / Traxian] - TRAX
[Shapely] - The Grace
[Kiss Me] – U-KISS
[Soulmate] V.O.S
[WonderFul] - Wonder Girls
[YounHapia] Younha
[Chocolyns] - Zhang Liyin


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