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Well, hello everyone !
Now, as I know, that myself really dreaming about some DIY after a long break for school. After this July Test, I will start with my DIY project.

Setelah meng-explore byk website, I found the great one ! It's on http://www.oneprettything.com/ . 
Banyak benda yang I dpt belajar dri situ. And dekat http://www.studs-and-pearls.com/ pon banyak.

So, ni ada some picture of the DIY projects. (not mine. Them)

Ribbon Back Tee

Shoulder Chain Tee

Lace Tee

Cloth Button Necklace

Felt Necklace

Jewel Bib Necklace

Multi Chain Necklace

So, can't wait ! Haa, nk p cari barang then baru buat.
I have a new ambition ! Accesories Designer ^^ Love it. 
Tambah lagi klau dpt keja kt YG Entertainment kan syok !! <3 So sometimes, kita kena berusaha untuk mimpi jdi nyata. Just thinking about my future.
But, sokongan ibu bapa n family are the first thing that effect my success. Next, friends. ILOVEYOU ! selagi ada mindset kita nk p mna dan kita yakin yang kita boleh buat + dgn usaha, sudah cukup. OK ??

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