That's not to much time to revision already. But I'm still wasting my time posting this UNBENEFICIAL entry. Huh. It's about some friendship problems.
Bila ada jaa satu part yang perfect, mesti jaa ada satu part lagi yg KURENG~
Some of the KURENG is : "Stop giving me hope !"
                                        :  "Please, be yourself. Tak payah nk kontrol sgt bila dia ada dgn hang, Ok ?"
                                        : "Can you realize your mistake ?"

Some of the PERFECT : "I have many friends around me. So that's why i really love them!"
                                     : "Always have my gila-gila friends"
                                     : "Cute 3 family going to holiday together ! ^^"

So, this people are really important to me.
Cuma takot akan kehilangan depaa laa~ Hmm. ( :( )


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